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  1. Its a well researched article Michael, Thanks for sharing this with us.

    But…the situation is very different here with me. I do not hesitate to spend money on quality food for my cats but unfortunately or maybe they are free roaming cats, so they do not like wet food or any raw food, they just vomit or start loose stools. Therefore I feed them dry food or half cooked meat. once a week I feed them a small portion of chicken liver. They drink milk a lot and they are really very very beautiful and healthy. The big cats of mine are also eager to catch rats here and with the grace of Allah Subhanahu, no rats in my house now and the neighbors are just barking out loudly that all rats are in their house now, (It means that they have to LOVE cats now 😉 )

    Dry food is not dangerous for my cats as I have experienced it from 16 years. For 9 years I have caring for the the cats but for 16 years my wife used to feed a black cat who was a full size young cat at that time and now I have calculated her age with the help of a pics graph of Alley cat Allies website, she was estimated 6 years old, she died in 2009 in front of my terrace door silently at the age of 21. Is it a miracle or what but Feral cats have much survival power than those cats which are artificially bred by the breeders. I decided to go for FERAL CATS since then.

    In 2006 when I started to take care for this small colony, I started with pure RAW chicken and I observed that after they had the best raw food, they started vomiting and loose stools, and afterwards when ever I put the raw food, they all ran away with some fear and that money wasted for the DAMN CROWS.

    I started the dry food which they ate as happily as nothing else and then I observed that their dry skins, their falling hairs of coat was neat and clean and they started grooming, even those with swollen eyes became okay and they started drinking fresh water and milk. The young kittens started to come twice/thrice to me for the food and their parents appears the same but they are happy and they run fast across the streets, they were suddenly totally changed.

    From this experience, I concluded that what the cat likes and what food fits her taste is the best for her (only on one condition, if that food is not good for her health, if any health issue is diagnosed, may stop feeding) otherwise All IS WeLL 🙂

    • Interesting Ahsan. Dry cat food is very popular and widely used in the West too. There is just a couple of problems with it: high carbohydrates and no water. But it may be better than straight raw food under certain circumstances. I guess you have read my page (written years ago) on a raw cat food diet:


      Thanks for sharing your experiences with dry cat food in Pakistan. It extends the discussion.

          • Therefore, it is my experience that
            IT’S an ART
            To make a RAW DIET for any animal, Michael.

            RAW DIET makes several problems:

            1. Worms
            2. Stomach upset
            3. Gums and teeth upset
            4. Harden the skin of animal
            5. Forcing the animal biting tendencies
            6. MAD BRAIN towards human problem
            7. psychological upset.

            Depends on the atmosphere, too.

            The cats of HOT WEATHER areas get instantly mad, hyper and loose their psyche. While its good in cold weather countries to protect for cold, raw is best with raw fat, too.

            These are my personal experiences not a vet experiment, actually I spend nearly 8 hours in FERAL CATS therefore think like a feral 😉 <3 😀

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