Cat forced to chase a pigeon while in reverse gear

Pigeon outsmarts cat

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This cat has been forced to chase a pigeon while in reverse gear. The pigeon was described as outsmarting the cat – not sure about that. Let’s say it was purely fortuitous that the pigeon landed behind the cat when escaping.

Cats obviously don’t make a very good job of chasing birds when walking in reverse. The anatomy is not set up to function that well when going backwards.

4 thoughts on “Cat forced to chase a pigeon while in reverse gear”

  1. What a clever cat, it made me laugh to see him shuffling backwards, so fast as well, I felt a bit sorry for him that the pigeon got clean away, but glad for the pigeon.

  2. Such a clever cat knowing he couldn’t turn around until he got to a safe bit and a clever pigeon too lol Both have more brains than a lot of human beings 😉


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