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Cat Foster Family Fed Their Foster Cat A Vegan Diet — 19 Comments

  1. Hi Michael, Instead of spreading false news maybe you should have reached out to LYFF to ask for the real details or maybe posted the truth as it was written in the post? The purpose of LYFF sharing on Facebook was written in the post- the point was to educate the public so another cat wouldn’t have to suffer like poor Zane. The post clearly states that all supplies are PROVIDED. Like most rescues, every foster does an orientation where the stardard of care is outlined in detail. Maybe you should have reached out to the source instead of making so many supositions…

    • Well, the info was on their FB page. Why was there a need to ‘reach out’? Also don’t accuse me of spreading ‘false news’. I consider that an insult. You are lucky that I published your comment. You should learn to be polite. If you make another impolite comment it won’t be published and you’ll be banned.

  2. This idiocy makes me seethe.

    VEGANS/ANYONE Please note…

    If you are tempted to force a vegan diet on a species for which it is fatal, it’s time to look into fostering/caring for pet rocks instead.

    I am not having a big dig at vegans, as a vegetarian I admire your commitment & how veganism extends to so many aspects of sustaining our world. But these days information is everywhere, about anything you might wish to learn about. There is simply no excuse for feeding an obligate carnivore a diet that will kill it.

    Poor puss, I’m so sorry that your foster people chose to kill you in pursuit of their ideology.

  3. I’m bloody livid,cats cannot be vegan and I’m sick of vegans pushing their diets onto cats,there is currently a Fennec Fox whose idiot owner that has it on a vegan diet,if it is still alive then it is suffering,this is why vegans and I dont mix,some wont even own a cat because they have to have meat,I wish the names of the fosters were made public.

    • I have to say well said Irish. It is as if they are fanatics about veganism and that they are unwilling to be flexible even for their cat. They must know cats are obligate carnivores. Perhaps they don’t realise that cats must have certain nutrients not in a vegan diet.

    • Thanks a lot Caroline. Nice to hear your voice. I try to say it the way it is and not pretend it is something else. For me there is no other way. It’s the best way to improve cat welfare.

  4. I could not read your entire article. Taurine, an essential amino acid, for felines. Nonessential to humans AND dogs. Cats are carnivores. I live on nuts and seeds, Michael. Why? Because I care about my cat.

      • Michael, would you please expand upon that? Elaborate, please, for those of us who need your input. You mean the world to us, need I remind?

        • Well, if you care about your foster cat you know that the food they eat is important to health. That applies to any animal. Therefore you make sure you provide your cat with a suitable diet. And you check. You don’t let your personal beliefs interfere with that objective. This family did something so uncaring that it killed their cat. It was a crime. Yes, they may say they made an innocent mistake. But that’s not good enough. If you care you don’t make such a mistake. And they went against the rescue’s advice. They are the wrong people for foster work in my view.

  5. This is so sad, tragic and maddening. Even after this thread was posted there where many vegans saying a vegan diet for cats is fine!!
    ‘What part of obligate carnivore don’t they understand? It’s vegans like them that make this easy to pin on veganism. It affects their judgement and their reasoning ability. Do they know the significance of having a short digestive tract??!! How about glucuronyll transferases? …phytoalexins?? …phenols?? … nitrogen loss?? …blood ammonia levels?? …carbohydrate load??? Stop condoning the killing of cats through idiotic home lab experimentation. We already know the outcome!! Damn vegan megalomaniacs!!’😡😡😡😡😡

    • Great comment Kit. Vegans have strong convictions about veganism and as you say are ignorant about the dietary needs of cats. They like to impose their convictions on others including domestic cats. It is nuts.

      • It is so important to not let our emotions cloud our judgement, but Kit, you are right. These idiots probably need to be given a dose of their own medicine. Meaning that they should be subjected to, I don’t know. I really don’t know…

    • I don’t know anything any longer, KitKat. May I call you that? It’s a good moniker, right? I mean my philosophy that I hold true is to call every single feline who comes in to my life, “Kitten.”. Thank you for mentioning the ammonia levels. That should hit home for a few, I hope. My background is micro and nutrition. Thanks, Kitten.

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