Cat found in landfill by Good Samaritan now named Gloria Gaynor. Because she will survive…

A beautiful short-haired white cat is recovering after she was rescued by a Good Samaritan last week after the cat was discovered in a crate in a Prince George (British Columbia) landfill, according to the BC SPCA. Gloria is lucky to be alive.

photo courtesy BC SPCA
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The SPCA released a media statement on January 15 stating

“When a stray animal comes into our care, we observe a 72 hour waiting period during which an owner can come forward and claim their animal. During that time, we usually give the animal a temporary name that reflects where it was found, for easy reference.

So why is this beautiful and loving cat’s temporary name Hart Dump? Because that’s where, in a horrifying act of cruelty, someone abandoned her. They did not just set her free to fend for herself, instead they disposed of her at the landfill in a locked carrier and left her to her fate.

This incident occurred on January 11th or 12th. It is a criminal offence to abandon an animal. If you have any information on this case, we urge you to file a complaint with our provincial animal abuse hotline at 1-855-622-7722.

Luckily it was not her time yet because a kind member of the public heard her cries, found the carrier, and brought her here to the shelter. To that guardian angel we say THANK YOU!

The carrier she was in had vast amounts of frozen urine in it, and the cat was infested with fleas. We have treated her for the fleas, cleaned her up, and she is now recovering at the shelter. Once the stray hold is over we will have her spayed and then she will be ready to find a loving forever home.

Oh, and the name? We’re thinking Gloria, in honour of Gloria Gaynor. Because she will survive…we’re going to make sure of that here!”

photo courtesy BC SPCA

Manager of animal centre services Alex Schare described the crate as filled with frozen urine and Gloria was very cold, skinny and infested with fleas. If she’d remained in the cage much longer there’s no doubt she’d have died.

Once the mandatory waiting period is up and Gloria is deemed healthy she’ll be up for adoption.

5 thoughts on “Cat found in landfill by Good Samaritan now named Gloria Gaynor. Because she will survive…”

  1. HTFH did Gloria end up in landfill? Are refuse collectors totally oblivious to what they url into the lorry? Lucky she wasn’t thrown into a refuse compacting truck. Maybe, the landfill is open access to the public?

    Voluntary Human Extinction, the answer, unless humans can fully educate each other on welfare & humaneness

    I favour the former.


  2. You know that is just fucking pathetic!! If you can’t care for your kids there are shelters around. One should never abandon them like this and mind fuck them at the same time! I hope whoever did this dies a horrific death! I’m also glad that she was found in time. What the fuck is wrong with the human species!!??


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