Cat found lying on the side of the road is recovering. Now he’s the ‘visitor ambassador’ at the shelter who saved him

Not long ago Patty Cuteler was driving to the Simply Cats Adoption Center in Boise, Idaho where she’s the Executive Director. As fate would have it (as it often does with cat lovers), Patty came across a small cat lying on the side of the road.

photo courtesy Simply Cats

Patty believed the cat was dead and was shocked when he ran out under her car when she was about to put a towel around the cat. In an interview with Idaho News, Patty talked about her surprise

“I was so shocked that I don’t know if there was much emotion other than oh my gosh I have to get him. I can’t let him be injured and running around.”

Did you miss Crash on CBS 2 Boise​ last night?Click this link to watch it now!

Posted by Simply Cats on Monday, February 11, 2019

The injured kitty, now dubbed ‘Crash,’ had suffered serious injuries. Once Crash arrived at the shelter, Cat Care Program Manager Tara Murray carefully examined him. Crash had a proptosed eyeball (meaning it had popped out of the socket), significant head trauma and blood coming from his mouth. He wasn’t breathing well and was near death.

Crash was taken to a nearby clinic. Tara said she could hear him crying on the ride over but he stopped by the time she arrived with the critically injured kitty.

Crash with Tara (photo courtesy Simply Cats)

The vet had a hard task ahead and Crash had some serious injuries to pull through. It was determined Crash had a broken jaw and had a fractured leg. His jaw was rewired to correct alignment and pins were placed in his legs. Crash went through several surgeries over a very short time.

The employees of Simply Cats are very attached to Crash and plan to make him their “shelter cat.” Crash seems happy with his new life, where he spends his day doing physical therapy and enjoying life. He’s been given the prestigious position as ‘visitor ambassador’ at the shelter.

Simply Cats of Boise is a 13-room no-kill facility where cats and kittens are socialized together and are free to climb, jump, play and purr to their heart’s content. The cats even have outdoor “catios” to watch birds and sleep in the sun. They welcome the public to drop by and visit any time they’re open, whether you’re looking to adopt or just want to spend time snuggling.

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