Cat found trapped under couple’s floorboards is looking for a loving home

A stray cat named Barry got himself into trouble at the home of a couple in North London, UK. He become trapped underneath the floorboards of their home. He had been stealing bits of food and napping on the couple’s bed for days.

Rescued cat Barry.
Barry looking a bit underweight. Photo: Mayhew Animal Home
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The couple spotted white hairs on their bed and realised that a stray cat was coming into their home but they never saw him. Although they heard the odd meow. After about a week of missing food and leaving strands of hair behind the meowing that they heard became louder and more frequent and the couple had to investigate.

They realise that the cat had been coming into their home for morsels of food and had then become trapped under the floorboards.

They discovered that the cat had been trapped underneath the floorboards for quite some time and had been entering the house through a hidden hole in the wall of the laundry room at their home. They couldn’t quite figure out whether meowing came from so they called Mayhew Animal Home for help.

Animal welfare officers headed over and located the cat by tracing the sounds. He is a sweet five-year-old white stray cat. They were able to retrieve the cat by lifting the floorboards. They named him Barry. The couple owned the property thought that Barry was a cat burglar, never thinking that he was stuck under the floorboards for about 7 to 10 days. Fortunately he had access to some morsels of food but when recovered he was significantly underweight and extremely dehydrated.

Barry at Mayhew Animal Home. Photo: Mayhew Animal Home
Barry at Mayhew Animal Home. Photo: Mayhew Animal Home

He is now recovered having been put onto an excellent diet and there is no cause for concern about his health. As he has already been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated so he is ready to be re-homed. Barry is described as a heartbreaker and they will be sorry to see him go. He is looking for a quiet, calm and comfortable home where he can’t get under the floorboards!

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