Cat furniture sold in Scotland is a big hit for cat lovers and their cats

cat furniture scratching post

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A SCOTS firm has been swamped with orders for its special range of furniture – for cats. 3 Fat Cats, a Lanark-based business, provides loungers, recliners…

cat furniture scratching post

cat furniture scratching post

A Scottish business selling high class cat furniture infused with catnip is proving to be a big bit with cat and cat owner alike.

The business is called ‘3 Fat Cats’ and is based in Lanark. Kim Manners, 56, who launched the business 8 months ago decided there was a gap in the market.

“We’re passionate about bringing beautiful, quality scratch furniture and pet products to your feline friends”

I have seen these in America and, in fact, I asked if an American company would allow me to build them under license but received no reply.  I don’t know if these are American made. I expect that they are.

I think they are clever because they are a combination of cat furniture to lie and rest on as well as scratching areas. The scratching element is so important both to cats and owners because cats need to scratch and owners need to feel reassured that their cat will scratch in a designated area, if possible. It is certainly possible as this furniture looks very scratchable to me.

cat furniture scratching post

cat furniture scratching post

They are made from high quality compacted cardboard, which can be recycled – environmentally friendly. Kim is correct when she says it is difficult to find furniture like this in the UK.

She ships internationally. The prices are modest at between £13.99 – £29.99.

Source: Cat furniture proves a big hit for moggy lovers | Deadline News

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  1. It’s a great idea, except for the rocking chair design. It’s too easy for cats to get their tails caught under rockers, especially if there’s more than one cat in the house.


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