Cat goes shopping for cat food — 12 Comments

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  2. Love the look on the cats face so not the intrepid hunter!! Lol looks like a very spoilt kittie!

    A cat we once had called Chester used to follow my husband down the pub and sit on a bar stool next to him while the barmaid fed him scratchings (Chester not my husband 🙂 )

  3. Cat could be saying “Whaaaat? Look at all this lot in the trolley and what do I get……yeah dry biscuits, hissssssss”

  4. Silly cat, why go to the trouble of going shopping when we have servants to do it for us.
    Ours ponder in the cat food aisle what is best for us, put it in the trolley, get it out again at the check out, pay for it, put it in bags, put the bags in the car boot, get them out again at home and carry them in for us to inspect. Put the food in the cupboard, get it out again sachet after tin after tray, until we decide which to eat.
    Then they wash the tin or tray and put in the recycle bin, or the sachet in the rubbish bin, job done.

  5. Not realistic but cute just the same.
    Perhaps she could buy the food he wants if she omitted the bottles of vodka and liqueur in her cart.

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