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Cat greets commuters at railway station ticket barrier — 3 Comments

  1. Ironic that Israel does have a good general attitude and policy on cats, while in practice (at least in this video) they were a little indifferent to this one cat who was glad to be there for them. Yeah, only one person petted her, a gentleman. I’d expect at least a smile from the girl too, but they were apparently just all business. A lost opportunity to appreciate a uniquely, pleasant moment, to connect with nature amidst the cold, unnatural steel and concrete wasteland. Maybe they didn’t want to spook or bother her.

    • Totally agree that they lost an opportunity to enjoy the moment and pet the cat. Most almost ignored her. At least they accepted her and didn’t do anything stupid. And the railway staff appear to have accepted the cat. I am not sure it would be the same here. They’d probably have a fit and panic.

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