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  1. Our 6year old cat pebbles had her first liter of Kittens 5 years ago. We kept 2 brothers screech and Dino. Screech was my baby. They were together indoors for 4 years. Last year I treated all 5 cats with hartz flea and tick treatment for cats not knowing the effects. Screech became very ill very quickly. We took him to his vet and we were told that brand of treatment kills cats. There was nothing they could do. I took him home where he was comfortable. He would cry if I wasn’t next to him on the floor. As long as I was there he purred and continued to knead. He passed away while I was at work. I felt in my heart the exact time it happened. We didn’t let the other cats go by him BC we thought they would upset him. Dino,his brother, has not been the same since. He is very vocal,he looks at the ceilings and lets out very odd meows. More loveable. But seems lonely. He has now grown more attached to my cat,bb,who is not his brother,but I have had since birth. BB is 1 year younger. But it’s been a little over a year,any suggestions?

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