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Cat hair loss during pregnancy — 11 Comments

  1. My cat Bella is the same she is losing a little bit of hair and she is very hormonal and doesn’t eat some food that we give her also she is very sleepy we dont know if she is pregnant or not

  2. Being shut in a shed and this losing the ability to roam free is obviously stressful for an animal used to the outdoors which instinctively has to hunt and provide food for her kittens. She is prevented from doing what her instincts tell her. In the case of my cats I keep them in the house at these times but they have a largish area to roam and find food in different places which seems to be an adequate substitute for outdoor hunting. Is the shed small and dark? That would be equivalent to solitary confinement for a person. Lack of human company may be an added stress.

      • Thank you Harvey. My cat shed is more akin to a cat ‘palace’. It houses ONLY my cats. It is 8′ x 6′ and equipped with a single bed and bedding of course! In it are cats baskets, ‘houses’, etc also for added comfort and security. My children even put up artwork for the cats. 😉 There is even a clock and barometer in there! It has a large window so it is light and airy, and the door is never, ever shut, just left ajar so they can come and go as they please (until such time as I can get a cat flap fitted.) It is certainly is not a dark,damp or cramped garden shed. Also Panda has always been a cat that likes the choice of both and outdoors and indoors. This litter was kept indoors for the first couple of weeks and then put out in a comfy warm ‘nest’ which is on top of the bed with plenty of fleecy warm blankets. I give my cats hot water bottles in their cat dens and baskets when required. Panda has always been an excellent mother hunting for her kittens and providing for them well. I am considering having Panda spayed soon as I think she has done her duty for Northern Ireland!

  3. Hi, Michael! This is a very interesting article. I am glad that you posted it because I, like many others, had no idea about hair loss triggers or the stages of hair growth. Thanks!

    On a similar note, you didn’t mention anything about localized hair loss. One of my males had that many years ago, mostly around his back end. The vet said it was a flea allergy and we quickly got it under control with Advantage for Cats.

    Thanks for the fantastic articles!

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