Cat has a bug that looks like rice coming out of butt

by Mrs Brewer

My 1yr old inside female cat has something coming out of butt. They look like rice they are like off white color. I need to know WHAT this is and can my other animals get this?

I’m also worried that my 2-month-old son will get sick from this! I don’t know what to do. Can I treat this with something I can buy at the store or do I need to get her to a vet?

How did she get this? PLEASE HELP ME!!

Thank You, Mrs.Brewer


Hi Mrs Brewer… thanks for visiting, sharing and asking…This is an easy one. I knew the answer to this as soon as I saw the headline.

Your cat has a tapeworm and what you are seeing are short body segments of the tapeworm at your cat’s anus as they are passed out with feces.

One type of tapeworms, Diphylidium canimum is transmitted by the cat flea. The other Taenia taeniaformis is transmitted by eating uncooked meat, raw freshwater fish and animal parts. See Tapeworms in felines.

I would suggest that your cat has got tapeworms through the presence of fleas so you should deal with that as well: Cat Flea Treatment.

Tapeworms are not contagious nor zoonotic (disease transferable from animal to human) so your son can’t get them from the cat. Your other animals might have tapeworms too for the same reason the cat has them. You might treat all animals as a precaution (seek vet advice).

I don’t know where you live. This affects the drugs available. But there is a page on PoC about treatment for worms: Cat Deworming Treatment. Drontal is available on (North American market):

In the UK Drontal is also available and it is cheap..!

Best of luck and please provide some feedback in a comment after treatment.

Please check this advice with a vet. Although I am very confident in this instance.

Michael Avatar

Cat has a bug that looks like rice coming out of butt to Cat Health Problems

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Cat has a bug that looks like rice coming out of butt

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Jan 04, 2011make sure you treat
by: Elisa Black-Taylor Right now the worm is eating your cats dinner from the inside out. So get rid of the worms so you kitty doesn’t get malnourished.

Jan 04, 2011Thanks Ruth
by: Michael I always appreciate a bit of expert back-up!

Jan 03, 2011Michael is right
by: Ruth Michael is right, your cat has a tapeworm and it’s more than likely she got it through swallowing a flea, which sometimes carry tapeworm eggs.
You need to get flea and worm treatment for all your cats but make sure it’s from a vets, over the counter stuff may be cheaper but it doesn’t always work.
Ask your vet for advice about how often to do your cats with flea and worm prevention then you won’t have this problem again.
Your son is in no danger as long as you follow normal hygiene precautions, wash your hands after touching your cats and before preparing food, which I’m sure you will do anyway.
Don’t worry, it’s horrible to see things like that but it happens quite a lot to people’s animals and it’s easily treated.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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4 thoughts on “Cat has a bug that looks like rice coming out of butt”

    1. If you administer deworming pills that will deal with it. If he is an indoor/outdoor cat he’s liable to get worms anyway. Feeding just raw meat is not a good idea as you’ll need supplements for a balanced feline diet. I’d make sure you are storing/handling the meat properly plus adding supplements (see your vet) to make it balanced if it is the only source of food and deworm him. A bit of raw meat and mainly commercial food is fine.

    1. Yes, it is normal if the segment moves. Get some de-worming pills but seek a vet’s advice. This looks like a tapeworm. You cat probably got it from prey he has eaten. Good luck. He is not in pain or discomfort.

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