Cat has a permanently worried look

If this cat was a human you would say that they had a “furrowed brow”. A face of worry and anxiety. Whereas a person would be genuinely worried and anxious, for this cat the appearance is due to his or her facial markings around the eyes. I have decided that she is female. I believe that she lives in Shanghai, China and that she is a stray. Somebody should snap her up and adopt her as soon as possible. I don’t think, however, that it has happened.

Worried stray cat in China
Worried stray cat in China. Photo: Douyin
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She was first spotted by a student in Shanghai whose name is Xin. She photograph the cat and uploaded the photographs to a social media site unique to China called Douyin. Unsurprisingly the cat became popular. A video of her has been viewed about 2 million times after being posted last Thursday.

Comment: understandably, there is a fascination online with interesting looking cats from fancy purebred cats bred to an extreme to cats like this charming one living a tough life in Shanghai. It is always about the facial expression. People like to anthropomorphise domestic and stray cats. They like to see a human behind the face. They can then relate to that cat more deeply. But the overriding sentiment that I immediately have when I see this charming cat is that she must be adopted and cared for.

Worried stray cat in China
Worried stray cat in China. Photo: Douyin

It should happen even if it is done for commercial reasons. The person who adopts her could make quite a lot of money through advertising on YouTube videos. I suspect they could even make a living out of it if they managed their “asset” expertly. So why aren’t we hearing about the adoption of this cat?

For the sake of completeness, this cat has the vestige of Turkish Van markings on their head. It isn’t just the markings around the eyes which produces this worried look. Her mouth and muzzle add to the effect.


Anthropomorphising domestic and stray cats

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