Cat has black chin

Cat has black chin‘ is a search term in Google. My first thought is that this is most likely to be feline acne which is not the same as human acne. However, this is not a certain diagnosis because that can only be made by a veterinarian on a proper inspection but let me describe what feline acne looks like. Note: acne is a suggestion, you’ll need to confirm this.

Home treatment for cat acne
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Feline acne develops on the underside of the chin and the edges of the lips in the sebaceous glands. A predisposing cause is the blockage of the skin’s pores with excess keratin or sebum (the oily secretion from the sebaceous glands).

What you will see is pimple-like bumps and blackheads which come to a head and produce puss. If it gets bad it may cause swelling of the chin.

They say that feline acne or a similar condition can be caused plastic or rubber food and water bowls which may cause an allergic reaction.

I think the easy first step to take if your cat has a black chin and it looks like acne is to change the plastic water and food bowls (if you have them) for stainless steel or ceramic ones.

For treatment you’ll have to see a veterinarian, preferably one who does not declaw cats (just to make a statement). The treatment involves cleaning the skin with medicated shampoo or an ointment of 2.5 to 5 percent benzoyl peroxide (OxyDex in the USA) and possibly antibiotics, but see a vet please. I am not qualified to give veterinary advice.


Treatment for feline acne
A treatment for feline acne

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