Cat Hater Sends Anonymous Threatening Letter to Cat Owners

A typed letter is being sent to residents who are cat owners living in the Brisbane area, specifically Deception Bay, in southeast Queensland, Australia. The letter is just about self-explanatory and is published below.

Threatening letter from cat hater in Brisbane area, Australia
Threatening letter from cat hater in Brisbane area, Australia
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The writer of the letter says he lives in the same area. The style of writing indicates a male. I can almost visualise him. He is around aged 40 on a modest income and lives in an average house. Mr Anonymous but he has a wife, I’d guess.

He says he will trap cats that wander onto his property and take them to the local shelter where I suspect they will be euthanised unless claimed.

The cat owners are up in arms about the letter. They hate it. Some are upset claiming that they thought the district was “kind and tolerant”; sadly not in respect of one person. It is interesting that the wandering cat has caused this sort of disruption in the community. Wandering cats and especially trespassing cats cause a lot of annoyance amongst a certain segment of society and it can anywhere. However, Australia does have its fair share of cat haters.

Some Tweets in response:



This is a new form of aggressive behavior by Australia’s cat haters. They have more than any other county, I believe. However, there are still a good number of cat lovers but all we read about from Australia is how to kill cats and the nuisance outdoor cats and feral cats cause.

27 thoughts on “Cat Hater Sends Anonymous Threatening Letter to Cat Owners”

  1. Hey! Here’s a novel idea! Keep your cat on your own property so you are not all seen as the disrespectful, irresponsible, and immature people that you are! (Then you wonder why people hate you and your cats so much. LOL Self-victimizers much?) You get just as much respect from others as you give. Now your cats get to pay for it with their very lives! Boo-hoo, too-bad, so-sad. Just get another cat and keep being the disrespectful and irresponsible person that you are by letting that one roam free too. That’ll show ’em! There’s so many cats now that people can’t even give them away anymore. How many of your cats have to be destroyed before you learn your lesson in how to have values greater than that of any 5-year-old who just got their first kitty?

    Cats will continue to get shot and poisoned to death just as long as you put cats where they can get shot and poisoned to death. That will never end until you learn how to grow-up into responsible adults and stop putting your cats where they will be shot and poisoned to death. No sooner, no later.

    Throw out some more disposable and expendable free practice-targets for the world. That’ll show ’em! 🙂

    • And, keep attracting the very nasty birds, Jim. I, especially, like the house feeder one.
      They poo all over everything, pollute our beaches and parks, and won’t shut up.
      You know that I’ll go head to head with you about this. But, you won’t address the issue of your birdie love, coward.

      • I liked what someone else posted on a forum recently about this very topic (the warning letter sent out), when some cat-fanatic threatened them for telling them that their cats were all going to be trapped and hauled away. “Issuing your empty threats is like waving a red-flag in front of a bull. Now you can be guaranteed that your cats are going to die!” LOL

        Yeah, you sure are making the world a safer place for cats, aren’t you. I wonder how many cats were killed today just because of your words online, to teach you your well-deserved and well-earned lesson? LOL I’m guess THOUSANDS.

  2. Just got back from the Hospital with my hubby,turns he has Bundle Branch Blockage in one of his heart chambers,he has an appt next friday with a cardio doctor :O(


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