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Cat Hater Sends Anonymous Threatening Letter to Cat Owners — 27 Comments

  1. Hey! Here’s a novel idea! Keep your cat on your own property so you are not all seen as the disrespectful, irresponsible, and immature people that you are! (Then you wonder why people hate you and your cats so much. LOL Self-victimizers much?) You get just as much respect from others as you give. Now your cats get to pay for it with their very lives! Boo-hoo, too-bad, so-sad. Just get another cat and keep being the disrespectful and irresponsible person that you are by letting that one roam free too. That’ll show ’em! There’s so many cats now that people can’t even give them away anymore. How many of your cats have to be destroyed before you learn your lesson in how to have values greater than that of any 5-year-old who just got their first kitty?

    Cats will continue to get shot and poisoned to death just as long as you put cats where they can get shot and poisoned to death. That will never end until you learn how to grow-up into responsible adults and stop putting your cats where they will be shot and poisoned to death. No sooner, no later.

    Throw out some more disposable and expendable free practice-targets for the world. That’ll show ’em! πŸ™‚

    • And, keep attracting the very nasty birds, Jim. I, especially, like the house feeder one.
      They poo all over everything, pollute our beaches and parks, and won’t shut up.
      You know that I’ll go head to head with you about this. But, you won’t address the issue of your birdie love, coward.

      • I liked what someone else posted on a forum recently about this very topic (the warning letter sent out), when some cat-fanatic threatened them for telling them that their cats were all going to be trapped and hauled away. “Issuing your empty threats is like waving a red-flag in front of a bull. Now you can be guaranteed that your cats are going to die!” LOL

        Yeah, you sure are making the world a safer place for cats, aren’t you. I wonder how many cats were killed today just because of your words online, to teach you your well-deserved and well-earned lesson? LOL I’m guess THOUSANDS.

  2. Just got back from the Hospital with my hubby,turns he has Bundle Branch Blockage in one of his heart chambers,he has an appt next friday with a cardio doctor :O(

  3. Oh I wish I was there down under because I would set up post in a heavy foliage and watch for any one trapping cat and then they would pay dearly!

  4. I’d also call a meeting of local cat owners to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to see if we couldn’t weed out this cowardly cat hater.

    • I like the idea of communicating with cat owners about this, but how would you keep this person from knowing about it?

      Traps would probably be set at night, when no one can see who’s doing it.

      The odd thing I noticed is the “thank you” at the end.

      Even someone who loves cats like we all do, can feel a bit irritated at the sounds of cats in heat, especially when they wake us up in the middle of the night. What do cat lovers do about this?

      • I’d visit known cat owners in person to discuss setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. I think they’d be just as keen to find the culprit, so I’m sure they’d agree to keep our plans secret from non-cat householders. I think it’s safe to say that the letter was not written by a cat owner.

        Maybe the purpose of the letter was purely to intimidate people into keeping their cats confined, but if the author carries out their threats, they will eventually be discovered. Especially as only “unidentified” cats can legally be taken to a shelter, council or vet. Microchipped cats would have to be returned to their owners. The council will also have a list of people who’ve hired traps from them, especially as you’re often asked to provide a security deposit when borrowing traps.

        The letter was written by someone who dislikes all cats and I’m willing to bet that’s not an opinion they’ve quietly kept to themselves for years. I’m sure there are people who are already arousing suspicions amongst their neighbours.

        If only they’d approached the situation differently, they’d have discovered there are amicable solutions.

  5. A vindictive, coward wrote that letter. Making threats to intimidate pet owners to confine their cats indoors may not be as legal as they’re trying to make out.

    They’ve cited segments from a generic document which refers to “Many local councils” – not necessarily the one in which these people live. Why not quote local council regulations if they apply in this case?

    If I lived there I’d be checking with my local council and police, to see if there was anything I could do to discover the author of the letter and take action against them for making threats.

  6. I think everyone who lives by an irresponsible cat-owner should raise pythons, cobras, and black-mambas and let them all roam free. Then use the very same claims that the cat-owners give as their relentless (and lame) excuses on why they should be allowed to be irresponsible pet-owners too. πŸ™‚

    “But I put bells on all my spitting-cobras with safe break-away collars! That should be good enough!” LOL

    • I see your argument but I don’t think it is a fair or sensible one. The snakes you refer to are very dangerous to humans and legally it is prohibited to let them roam whereas the law allows domestic cats to roam in most places of the world and domestic cats are not dangerous to people despite what the cat haters say about toxoplasmosis. The law reflects the general wishes of the people so the people would strongly disagree with you.

  7. Sounds like Woody to me. Does anyone know what country that idiot lives in? That’s either him or one of his inbred relatives. Proof positive that you should never marry your sister or your cousin.

    And whoever this is should do a little research on his precious native birds and how germy they are. Oh, I guess not. Let’s not confuse that poor deluded idiot with the facts.

    • Woody lives in America and he is American. We believe he is a bird lover. There are quite a few Woody-types in Australia. In fact I’d bet that there are more cat haters in Australia than in America or Europe.

      There is a battle going on in Australia over the feral cat and outdoor cats. It is the usual argument: cats should be kept indoors or within the grounds of the owner’s home.

        • That’s my fault because I like to argue with him and I write stuff which he hates. I have deleted about 50-80 different Woody alias.

          • woody hates reading anything positive about cats, but his nonsensical, ramblings are becoming very repetetive.

            No matter what name he posts under, it’s obviously him because he always resorts to ad hominems. (Thank you Sarah for expanding my vocablulary.)

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