Cat Haters on the Internet

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Intro: Please note that this article was written by a guest writer. These are her personal views and they are not necessarily shared by Michael Broad, the website’s owner.

A drawback of having a very popular website about cats must be visiting cat haters who surf the internet looking for articles on which they can vent their hatred of cats and of cat lovers too. What pleasure do they get out of this?

Cat haters of the internet. Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
Cat haters of the internet. Collage by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Hatred harms only one person and that is the person doing the hating! Some of these trolls boast that they kill cats as if this is something to be proud of, they try to make it sound as if they are doing a good deed, they have no concept that taking the life of innocent creatures is wrong.

They make inflammatory comments, insult the writer of the article and any cat lover who comments on it and they sound quite desperate to convince everyone that cats are horrible creatures who don’t deserve to live. They call cat lovers crazy psychopaths or sociopaths, insinuating that they have no life beyond their computers, that they are miserable and lonely and have only their cats to care about and to care about them. How wrong can such people be? VERY wrong!

Our own cats are part of our lives, homes and families and we love and care for them just as we do any other family member. Having cats in our homes makes our lives complete, they bring us love and amusement and the pleasure in their company and caring for them makes us happy.

But we also care for all cats worldwide, we try to educate about cat welfare and to stop the abuse and killing of cats. What is wrong with that? It doesn’t mean we can’t care about people, other animals and the environment too, we can and we do, but first and foremost we care about cats. It would be a dreadful world if every person cared about the same thing and it wouldn’t work that way.

I’m afraid it’s the desperate trolls who call us lonely and say we have no life who are in reality the lonely ones themselves because of their bitterness and hatred of cats and cat lovers. Why else would they sit at their computers looking for cat sites to make unpleasant, unkind or unjust comments?

Then when other visitors point out the error of their remarks, the cat haters often come back and insist they are right and there is no more to be said. Of course there is more to be said and the cat lovers say it. Then what happens?

The cat hating troll slinks away for a while, he can’t believe everyone doesn’t agree with his point of view, he can’t understand why everyone doesn’t hate cats too after reading what he wrote. He looks for another article to try to taint with his hatred.

Maybe the best solution would be to ignore these trolls but on the other hand, if it’s a young ignorant person, being set straight might just stop him from doing this anymore. Education is very important.

Are there many of these people or do the same few come back time after time under a different name? Are there dog haters who troll on dog sites? Baby haters who troll on baby sites? We are all different and cat haters need to accept us as we are, not to try to force their dislike of cats onto us. Cat hating trolls need to get a life, do something useful and learn to live and let live!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

26 thoughts on “Cat Haters on the Internet”

  1. “animal extinction by cats is written by cat haters so yours is a circuitous self-serving argument and therefore hopelessly invalid.” You wrote this, if it was a quote then please state that. If you think cat haters cannot speak the truth, then by the same standards cat lovers cannot. If the extrapolations are wildly exaggerated then 10% of this is still 140 million which is still unsustainable for nature. And as for my “third” mistake , I never even suggested your cat was free to roam, my statement was about your attitude. If you honestly think you can defend cats and extinction of endemic species you should change your name from Broad to narrow, like your mind and field of knowledge.
    Now I’ll finish there, as you don’t seem to be able to communicate on an unbiased level.
    Don’t bother replying as I won’t be revisiting your ridiculously blinkered website again!!


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