Cat headstone sums up our relationship

The headstone for domestic cat, Dewey, nicely sums up the relationship between human and cat. He lived from 1898-1910. His life was quite short but in those days the lives of domestic cats were on average shorter due to poorer veterinary services and poorer food. Cat food had not been invented. The cremation of humans in the UK started in 1885 so cat burials were the norm at the time of Dewey. Few would have had such a fine headstone and poetic, beautiful inscription.

Dewey - a treasured and deceased cat companion
Dewey – a treasured and deceased cat companion
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It’s a great headstone and a very nice photograph too. There are advantages to burying your deceased cat rather than cremating her.

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6 thoughts on “Cat headstone sums up our relationship”

  1. Dewey’s headstone is beautiful, and the wording really does show the esteem in which Dewey was held, as well as about the position of cats in human society of the time.

    12 years old was quite an age for cats back then. Dewey must have had some very good care.

  2. I just had another death in my family, Einstein, who I reluctantly had euthanized. I’ve always been reluctant, but I go through with it. I hope I can come up with fitting, lasting memorials for all my cats before I die, all up to now I’ve had cremated, but I directed Einstein’s body to be Aquamated (a green alternative). The inscription on the above headstone is appropriate for all companion cats. Even for wild cats who simply share their elegant, majestic presence for us to gaze upon, imo anyway. I’m so glad to share the planet with all of them. Thanks for sharing the photo. Here’s one of Einstein from better days.

    1. He, Einstein, is so perfect. Would you mind explaining more about aqua? I bury my cat, when I was thinking young, and respected the location. But since then, my beloved have been cremated. What is this?

  3. This headstone is over one hundred years old. I love the simple yet elegant scripture and style. What a heartfelt tribute to a feline companion. ???☮️?️

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