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Cat Health Tip: Checking for Gum Disease — 9 Comments

    • Rudolph, my vet told me exactly the same as your dentist. Decayed or infected teeth create harmful bacteria which enters the bloodstream every time the cat swallows. That bacteria can then cause damage to their organs and central nervous system.

  1. So essential for domesticated cats to have dental checkups.
    Not so much for ferals. I have a fondness for my face, throat, arms, and hands. LOL!

  2. I do get my cats’ teeth and gums checked when they have their annual vaccinations, but ideally I’d like them checked every 6 months. The cotton bud tip is a good one and I’ll give it a go when my cats are in the “right” mood.

    Regular oral check-ups are very important as they can also help spot the early signs of tumours and Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex.

    For humans, flossing between the teeth is vital to maintain gum and dental health. It’s also known to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Many years ago my dentist told me that Corsodyl is the only effective mouthwash. I don’t use them myself as they’re too strong and tend to burn my mouth and gums. I remember an episode of QI where it was explained that the product was originally invented as a floor cleaner before “halitosis” was invented so it could be sold as a mouth wash. Note that the product formula has not changed even though it’s suggested use has!

    • Sorry, should have mentioned that the brand of mouth wash featured on QI was Listerine, which was named after Joseph Lister.

    • Michele, please tell me how you get on with the cotton bud technique 😉 Thanks for your input.

      Any mouth wash is going to help in my experience. However, there was some talk of possible health problems with over use.

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