Cat health tip: photograph and video your cat when healthy and when ill

Photograph your cat when well and when ill for vet
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Photograph your cat when well and when ill for vet. Photo: Pixabay.

When you have to take your cat to the vet, it would probably be useful to your vet if you have two videos plus some before-and-after photos. The first video will show your cat when healthy. It will be a standard against which the second video can be assessed. The second will show your cat’s illness symptoms if they are visible. The photos can provide a backup to the videos showing your cat when healthy and ill. It’s a cool way of providing precise information to your vet so she can diagnose more accurately and quickly. I think that they would certainly be an addition to the information that your vet needs. You may be able to provide a verbal description of the illness as well and it is possible that your cat has the symptoms while at the vet’s but I can see a big benefit in a video showing the symptoms. You know the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth more.

Remote triage by a veterinarian in more efficient

Petriage. Remote triage as a first stage in diagnosis by veterinarians and treatments.

Total remote triage before you take your pet to your veterinarian


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