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Cat heart murmur: symptoms and causes plus video of ultrasound testing — 2 Comments

  1. My female long haired tabby Daisy has had a grade 5 heart murmer,since it was found as 8week old kitten checkup,by vet,he thought she would only live less than a year! Thankfully she is now 4years6months approx.she has learned to pace herself,although I can tell it does effect her breathing at times,because she opens and closes her mouth,her purr can sound very noisy,b it rattly at times but as yet she’s not needed meds!what concerns me is a neighbour has installed an ultrasonic cat deterrant on top of their boundary fence,my cat always daily crosses top of fence to go in vegitation behind it! Does anyone know if these deterrants could harm a cat with a severe heart murmer? Would be grateful for any info!

    • Hi Suzanne. Thanks for commenting. My first impression (and I am pretty sure I am correct) is that the ultrasonic device will not harm you cat. It just creates high frequency sound. It should be okay. Make sure that the person does not harm your cat though! Good luck. I’ll check some more today and get back if I am wrong.

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