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Cat hoarders Should Pay for the Clean Up — 6 Comments

  1. If you really regard cat hoarding as a mental illness – as you CLAIM to – how would helping pay for the clean up prevent it? That isn’t logical. It sounds more like you think that cat hoarding is CHOICE- not an illness. And if you don’t think it is an illness, why pretend you do?

    • I agree paying for the clean up would not help to prevent it if cat hoarding is a mental illness but….there are various types of cat hoarders some of whom are scammers and fraudsters (not mentally ill) and in any case some borderline mental illnesses might be controllable by money punishment. Also the main reason why they should pay for the clean up is because it is fair and the burden should not fall on the taxpayer.

  2. We are not saving an animal if they are not assured security and safety and protection and love and proper medical care and a clean healthy environment to live in.
    We are not saving a domesticated animal if we let it roam free, without our stewardship and support. Cats can hunt-true but often die on their own from lack of proper nutrition,fresh water, shelter, medical help to avoid parasites, dog attacks, unwanted litters, inbreeding, being run over, freezing, heatstroke. The list goes on.
    And hoarding a cat or any animal does not mean we cage it and walk away from responsibility.
    We have made them into pets and conditioned them in this way.

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