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  1. This is a very interesting topic and the underlying reasons for cat hoarding can be very complex. I live in the southern USA where thousands of healthy, adoptable, cats and kittens end up in shelters daily because people do not see spay and neuter as a priority. I do not operate a 501c3, but I do a lot of foster and rescue because the need is so great. Currently, I have 17 cats in my care because it is difficult to find adopters, especially for black or tabby cats. My house does not smell of ammonia because I dump and bleach litter boxes daily. I spend close to $2000 a month on food , litter, and vet care to ensure these babies stay healthy. Do I have more than I want. Yes, but the alternative for them is death. Shelters hold stray pets for 3 days for an owner to be found, but owner surrendered pets can be euthanized immediately. Most of the cats I have came from shelters where their time was up. I do my best to find suitable homes, but everyone seems to want a purebred, not the plain looking cats I have. Now in the area I live in, there are several rescue groups/sanctuaries who have many more than I have. Some of these groups are completely reliant on public donations to operate. There are some who do not adopt out because they get too attached to the cats. I see posts about sick and dying cats monthly in some of these rescues. I believe cats do best when they are not grouped in high numbers. They are less likely to get sick and spread disease. Another problem is the people who enable these rescue groups to collect more and more without thought to animal welfare. These include shelter workers who allow rescues to pull animals with no checks or balances as well as supporters who pay rescues to take more cats than they can feasibly care for independently. Most rescues here are completely full, but the problem doesn’t end. Every year, there are more and more cats on death row with hours to live because spaying and neutering is definitely not a priority here in this part of the country. If I lived anywhere else, I would have one or two cats and be completely happy and a whole lot richer.

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