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Cat Hoarding Is a Symptom of an Illness Not an Illness Itself — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting- though I’d have to draw a distinction between rescue workers and the little lonely old lady. I think that the cat hoarding issue may be more of a reflection of the illness in society than the illness of the individual in some cases. The cat population is out of control and few efforts are being made to curtail incessent breeding. I believe we could all breath a sigh of relief if we walked into a shelter and found it empty. Until then, many feel the need to do their part so that innocent lives are not forced to pay for people’s irresponsibility.

    • Yes, I agree. The underlying conditions encourage cat hoarding. If there were no unwanted cats (as in a perfect society) there would be no cat hoarders because there would be no cats to hoard. Thanks Ruth.

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