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Cat Hoarding Repeat Offenders — 5 Comments

  1. Again, I believe that a lot of cat hoarding is tied into the fear of relinquishing cats to kill shelters. If the UK didn’t have Cats Protection, what would people do if they knew that the RSPCA would kill? Would they take them there anyway? Would they pursue private shelters that say they are busting at the seams and can’t accept?
    A true cat lover would have no alternative but to keep.
    Perhaps, that is the way it begins for some…

    • Excellent point Dee. It must certainly be a factor. I suppose I have to define cat hoarding. If a person looks after 30 cats really well in clean conditions etc. then that is not cat hoarding for me. Cat hoarding is collecting cats while being unable to care for them and not recognising that fact. On that definition cat hoarding is not really closely linked to whether a shelter is genuinely no-kill or not.

  2. Michael I’m in total agreement as any animal loving ‘normal’ (whatever that is) thinking person would be! Yet as in the UK with the RSPCA when bans for life are dished out who polices them? How are they policed? What about when people move on? You may not see it as much where you live but believe me with privately rented properties on the rise and so many transients who travel so light they can move in and then be gone before you even notice I would think that to police the ban would be impossible!

    • Sadly, I agree with you. Enforcement is the big weakness in crimes against animals. In Britain lots of crime is ignored by the police. There is a breakdown in policing in the UK. With the NY hoarder it seems she was not even barred from keeping animals on previous convictions. This shows a lack of concern for animal welfare to me.

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