Cat howling after eating?

Is your cat howling after eating? I feel that the first question to ask is whether your cat is healthy. On the basis that your cat is, indeed, healthy the most likely cause of your cat howling after eating is because she is calling for you. She might have been hungry and become fully engrossed in her meal. You might have left the kitchen where she is eating and gone to the living room. When your cat finished her meal she looked up and noticed that you’d gone and called for you. In a close relationships between cat and person cats not infrequently call for attention or to tell the person where they are.

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Yowling cat. Original image in public domain. Words: PoC.

There is little more to say to be frank. Of course I have to guess the cause of yowling as normally I’d have more information to make an assessment. There are numerous reasons why a cat might yowl but if you put into the equation eating food then, at this moment, I can’t think of any other reasonable conclusion than the one I’ve stated. Please add your thoughts in a comment particularly if you believe that you have a better idea.

P.S. There are clearly other reasons for yowling but they are due to circumstances not associated with food. I have confined myself to the exact circumstances of the question on the title.

P.P.S. If a cat has oral health issues she may feel discomfort during and after eating which may result in a yowl.

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