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Cat Howls At Water Bowl — 6 Comments

  1. My 18.5 year old cat has been howling at her water bowl for the past 2 months before drinking. It’s a raised ceramic bowl so it can’t be a static charge problem. I have no idea why she does that and the vet doesn’t either. It’s so weird !

  2. I had never thought of static electricity as a culprit for this phenomenon, but it seems very likely to be an explanation. The dread of impending pain can be so traumatising. We all know how much a static blast hurts, but in the mouth – I can’t think of it without wincing.

    This also explains the popularity of the 2 big ceramic bowls with my two schlurpers

    I will root out another big ceramic bowl & replace one more of the 6 bowls (4 metallic) in the home. It will be interesting to see if the new bowl becomes a favourite. I will keep you posted.

    Gail, your cats seem to have trained you perfectly!

  3. Static electricity seems to be the most likely culprit IMHO. Our cats’ water bowl is ceramic and although it’s on the 1st shelf of a metal shelving unit in the kitchen, there is a place mat between the bowl and the metal shelf. The other thing one must keep in mind is that the bowl should be wide enough to accommodate the whiskers. I’ve witnessed cats yowling because their bowls were too small and their whiskers would get wet and they didn’t like it. My own cats also get vocal if the water’s not fresh or has cat hair in it. Pretty funny.

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