Cat hunts down flying bat trapped inside building and catches it mid-air

Another example of the amazing domestic cat. While a woman inside the building cowers to get out of the way of the darting and weaving bat as it tries to escape the interior of a building, a ginger tabby chases it with gusto and leaps up caracal-style and catches it mid-flight and races off. I think the bat temporarily escapes to be fair but not for long I suspect. All in a day’s work. Useful aren’t they? The video brings to mind the video of a magpie who got a bit cocky and harassed a cat only to pay with its life seconds after (click to see that example of feline athleticism).


Bats are not birds. They are the only mammals adapted for flight. I have another page on another cat catching a bat mid-flight inside his home.

Bat is about to be caught mid-air by energetic ginger cat
Bat is about to be caught mid-air by energetic ginger cat. Screenshot. Sorry for the poor quality.
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