Cat hurling craze must stop NOW

A sick craze of cat abuse needs to be nipped in the bud. Recently we had a 16-year-old teenager in Ontario, California, USA throwing a young cat onto the road in a high arc which was horrible to see and yesterday we had a report in an online newspaper ( about a couple of young men in the UK who appear to have copied this act of cat cruelty.

Man hurls cats into air against walls for kicks
Man hurls cats into air against walls for kicks
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There are two men; one films the other hurling cats at walls. He laughs as he does it. The cat falls to the ground with a thump. The guy with the camera eggs the other on while filming. Later the footage is shared on Facebook in a bizarre string of posts in which he boasts about his cruel antics.

In another video which appears to be have been filmed outside garages in Selly Oak, Birmingham, UK, he lures a cat over and he strokes the innocent animal. The man doing the filming said: “Smash it to the wall. Smash it”. He does so and the man then picks up the cat and throws him or her at a garage wall again. The distraught and shocked animal runs off and hides beside a car. In a further clip the man stops to stroke another cat and once again his associate in crime says to him: “Go on. Fling to the air bro.”

The cat is hurled ten feet into the air, somersaulting. Having hit the ground the cat limps away terrified while the men walk on laughing. These crimes occurred in road daylight. The final two events took place in quiet residential areas.

As expected the video material resulted in outrage on Facebook.

The comments were scathing:

“You’re a piece of scum. At least everyone knows this man beats animals.”

People called for the police to investigate. The videos have now been removed from social media. The RSPCA have stated that they will investigate.

“We have been made aware of these upsetting videos and are now looking to trace the man responsible. Anyone with information which may be useful to any investigation should contact our cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.”

It is shocking and bewildering to people to see how young men can entertain themselves by hurting animals. And then to compound it by filming their cruel behavior and uploading it to Facebook; for what reason? Are they seeking notoriety? Don’t they realize that it is a criminal act? Did they copy the US crime which was well publicized online?

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