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Cat Husband Phobia and Cat Phobia — 7 Comments

  1. I’ve never know anyone who admitted to a fear of cats. I’ve known plenty of people who say they don’t like or hate cats. But, I think that we pretty much established that cat haters are really phobics.

  2. I’ve known two people with cat phobia, one was a man who lived in the flat above the second vets where I worked, when he and his wife first moved in, he came down the stairs showing the whites of his eyes, he was so terrified that he’d see a cat.
    After a while we got friendly and with a bit of persuasion he came nearer and nearer to kittens, then adult cats and although he wouldn’t have one in his home, he didn’t feel terrified at the thought of seeing one.
    The other was a girl, a neighbour’s daughter, our late mother soon had her converted to liking cats, it was just that she hadn’t known any.
    I can’t think of anything worse than having cat phobia, those people miss out on so much! But having said that, I can understand it because I freeze at the sight of a spider or a worm lol

  3. I find there are certain cats who prefer men. My cat Gigi in Canada is like that. So is Piki who will come here eventually.

    But humans fearing cats I have never heard of before.

    • I agree that there are cats that prefer men and some prefer woman. That is about all one can say. It may be pure socialisation – raised by a woman or a man – or a tauma suffered at the hands of a woman or man. Or something that few people discuss, a cat might might have a pure preference as inherited.

    • i just think its an excuse not to like cats. I know there are people out there who for health reasons get asthama around cats which is fair enough. I do think there are certain cats that love men more. i think your got to be the right kind of man to love cats i.e a feeling type, or sensual type person.

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