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  2. My cat is an indoor cat. I do take her outside regularly on a leash. She eats a grain free wet diet 95% of the time. Seems to be sensitive to chicken. She had been treated for worms in the past. Lately she’s been scooting again? No recurrence of fleas but maybe I didn’t get the entire pill in her the last time. Thought maybe she was scooting from a food allergy. She had no small glad issues with what I can see? Should she be treated for worms again? Her coat is healthy, she is playful. Occasionally she will go outside her box. Her out put seems good. No obvious sign of worms there.

    • Hi Ange. Well, as I understand feline scooting the medical reason for it is because the area of the bottom is itching or there is pain or both. The area is irritating her. There are a few reasons for this and one is worms but I think you’d see them at the anus if they existed. Does her bottom look inflamed or infected. It seems not by your description.

      I have a theory that sometimes cats scoot to wipe their bottom. That sounds fanciful and stupid but it may be true. Does she scoot after she has been to the toilet?

      I have a page on feline scooting which I have just updated. It covers the causes.


      It may help. If there are no signs of problems I’d watch and wait and see how things develop. Good luck to you both.

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  4. Plenty of places to stay under my suv, under my trailers or shed outside…

    So outside corners of her eyes are reddish pink-initially thought she’d been in fight with one of feral cats but such pinkness continues to her head and nipples so I figured sunburn

    I have also noticed late night, she keeps me awake by talking (she is lynx point siamese)I feed her 1st thing in morning, she eats again just before going to sleep at night-I feed her, she eats a bit, when it is time to go to sleep, she talks to me, then eats a bit more then talks again keeping me awake, then continues in intervals talking again 15 minutes later, such goes on from 10pm till maybe 1 am-some intervals wider spaced apart like hour but is infuriating

  5. Pink nipples yet she is 7, NEUTERED, NOT pregnant and also has pink around outside corners of her eyes-Thought Maybe initially she got into fight NOTING she has NO CLAWS, is basically INDOOR CAT) BUT increased water intake signifies due to us living in un-air conditioned house, perhaps she is sunburned on her face? Face also tad pinkish…Humiture in FL has been 100 degrees-I try to keep eye on her when I let her outside-I cannot afford a vet-I get food stamps

    • If she is otherwise healthy which appears to be the case she might have been sunburned as you say. The areas you describe are where the fur is v.thin so the sun can penetrate to the skin and burn it. Personally I’d keep her in for a bit and watch her carefully for signs of illness. It will get her out of the sun. Do you have a cool spot somewhere? What about wiping her down with a dampened clean cloth? Wipe her fur. This will put a small amount of water on her fur which will evaporate and cool her.

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