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Cat Illnesses – most common — 7 Comments

  1. My 8 year old calico cat who has always been an indoor kitty just started sneezing out of the blue. She was up all night, sneezing constantly. We have been staying in a hotel and at friends houses for the past 2 weeks while our home is being finished. Could she be sick or just have allergies from being in different places? I am worried sick!

    • Hi Maria, thanks for visiting and asking. It is not clear from your comment where your cat is. I presume she is with you at your friend’s house. The change in her environment appears to have caused it. That would imply allergy as you suggest. Has she been in contact with other cats recently? She may have caught a viral infection.

      It could be a foreign body stuck in the nose but that is a big guess. If there is something stuck in the nose a cat sneezes vigorously in a group of several sneezes. Then it will happen again sometimes later. Is there a nasal discharge? If it is clear liquid coming from both nostrils it will be a virus. If it is grey/yellow thick discharge it will be a bacterial infection. If it is from one nostril it might be a foreign body causing a bacterial infection.

      It might be an allergy to something in the air or on the floor – there are many possibilities. Getting back to your home will provide the answer. If there is no nasal discharge it is most likely something like dust in the air. Getting back to you home will verify whether it is caused by the environment in which she now lives.

      Good luck.

    • The question that I have for you is this: has this just happened or has there been some time that has passed during which there have been signs of an infection? If your cat can hardly open his eye today but yesterday and the day before that he was all right then this must be an injury. I would certainly look at it very carefully to check for signs of injury and if in doubt of course your cat should see a veterinarian. If on the other hand it’s an infection which has developed into a bacterial infection which has caused a disease such as conjunctivitis then once again you need is a vegetarian. These 2 causes come to my mind immediately but there may well be many others.

      Thanks for commenting and visiting.

  2. My cat is sneezing and sleeping alot she has black spots on her nose but she is a calico however she moves when i touch the spots

    • The black spots on your cat’s nose is due to pigmentation which is quite normal. The reason why she moves when you touch the spots is because she is a bit uncertain about you touching the tip of her nose but in my estimation there is nothing wrong with her nose. However, if your cat is sneezing a lot then she quite possibly has either a viral or bacterial infection what is called a upper respiratory tract infection or URI. You should see a veterinarian I’m afraid. Thank you for visiting.

  3. my cat is sneezing a lot and has a runny nose.he has had jab for cat flu he is nearly finished kesium for tummy upset/infection. off food a little bit. been like this for a few days. should I take him to vet or is there anything I can do.

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