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Cat images — This is a gradually expanding page. The pictures here are copyright free, which explains why there is no copyright notice.

These pictures link to larger versions.The pictures of cats website is a serious and concerned site. Money raised from the site goes to cat charities.

Pictures of cats are very popular because cats get up to some extraordinary things. Cats have an innocence that comes through in pictures as can be seen on this page.

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Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.
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cat imageSee some more images of catscat image cat with tongue out
cat laughingCat art for some cat breeders is the cats themselves. And some of the cats that they breed are indeed works of art. But it is possible unwise to focus too much on a cat’s appearance. Breeders sometimes refer to the coat color and pattern in the context of “living art”.This can lead to inbreeding and in the dog world inbreeding has taken place on a scale that presents problems to the world.

A cat’s health and character are the first objectives

cat and cake
cat on hind legscat in computerSome ancient forms of cat art (and fine and interesting cat images) come quickly to mind. The Cat Book Poems of 1350-1765 contain some fascinating insights into domestic cats of that time. My article on Siamese cat history refers to this book.

Cats with Guns
Cats with Guns was a kind of cult thing in the middle of 2007. It concerned a video of cats with guns. At the time this was interesting. In the same way, I predict that the current interest in cat images of cats doing odd things with silly captions will fade in time and become of historical interest and no more.

On this page there are links to posts/webpages on cat art and photography, which is an expanding area for this website:Siamese cat drawing
Here is the work of a talented artist who likes to make drawings of her cats.

Cats Photo Album
Spill over images that I couldn’t use on the cat breed pages – nice cat images and a video.

show catcat in a trench
cat climbingEgyptian Cat Art
The Egyptians may have been the first to make serious cat art because they worshipped the cat during the era was 3150 BC to 31 BC. The entrepreneurs of the time did roaring trade in mummified domestic cats as an offering for visiting pilgrims. The mummys themselves looked like works of art. 

It is thought that the Egyptian Mau a modern cat breed imported into the USA in the 1950s, originated around 2000 BC as a domestic cat. I had thought that the cats depicted in statues might have been Abyssinian cats from nearby Abyssinia (Ethiopia now).
cat in a box
cat kittencat image cat jumpingBig Cat Limited Editions
This is a page that I built very early on. It features two artists whose work is sold as big cat limited editions. The artists featured are:

  • Pip McGarry – International Wildlife Artist
  • Richard Brown

These are really nice cat images by talented artists.

Anthropomorphic cat art
There is a ton of anthropomorphic cat art on the internet and most of it is on the deviantARt website. You can see a small selection by clicking on the above link.

Cheshire cat art
Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire catis famous for his smile and is the subject matter of cat art. See some Cheshire cat images.
cat in a boxcat together
cat and tailcats in a sinkCats the Musical Fanart
Cats the Musical played for 21 years in the West End of London. It produced a wide fan base and derivative art some of which can be seen here.Painted Cats
This is the work of a New Zealand artist that caused a stir in 2007. She (or a colleague) used digital manipulation of photographs of cats to make it seem that they had been painted. She claimed that they had been painted as a kind of work of art. See the arguments for and against these disturbing cat images. One is reproduced but not all for copyright reasons.
From cat images to Home Pagecat readingPictures of cats getting on with dogs
The conventional view is that dogs universally chase cats. The truth is that some do and some don’t. It’s basically about socialization and getting one used to the presence of the other. Ideally at a tender age. It ‘s best that the cat is there first and the dog joins, apparently (src: authors: Neta-Li Feuerstein and Joseph Terkel). When the two get on they sometimes get on famously and make great photographs.

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  1. Wonderful display, Michael–I esp. am fond of image14. 🙂 Wouldn’t it be fun if we could pull a kitten out of our work lunchbag for the hour? (if only it posed no imposition to the darling) That’s one special diet I wold not mind!
    Well, you have Anthropomorphic cat-egory, but no Cat-zoomorphic-egory, so I hope it is OK to upload this sole one (I have plenty more, whee).


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