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Cat In A Window

Cat In A Window

A Cat in a Window is both a common and a pleasant sight. Cats love to look out. It’s a bit like us watching TV.
There are two things that I want to discuss about the subject of cat at a window. First, there are some great photographs on the ‘net of cats at windows and some of the best are reproduced here under creative commons.

The second is a quick discussion on one of the things cats do when they bird watch at a window – they chatter their teeth in a most noticeable way – what is going on?

I am sure many of us have seen the our cat at the window looking out and start chattering. She is automatically rehearsing the positioning and sinking of her teeth into the neck of that bird she is watching.

The cat is a very skilled hunter (except for mine who prefers to sleep).

Cats need to bring about the death of their prey as quickly as possible, with the minimum of possibility of being hurt themselves.

This is done by holding the prey with the front legs after pouncing on to it and giving one very effective bite to the spine just below the back of the head.

The juddering action of the teeth that we see at the window is now employed position the canine teeth between the vertebrae to break the back of the prey, killing it.

Here are some more cat in a window pictures:




Photo Credits:

Top © Dave77459
Second © Patricia Soransso
3. © cindy47452
4. © YanivG
5. © Ali K
6. © xmark
7. © Brianz
8. © RobbieTV


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