Cat in box dumped in parking lot with duct tape all over her head

Someone, yet to be identified, wrapped duct tale all over the head and face of a young female cat; she was then placed in a box and dumped in the parking lot of a veterinary clinic.

Abandoned cat with duct-tape over her head

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It’s cruel and bizarre because although the dumping of cats in boxes like this is not unusual, to combine it with covering the cat’s face with tape is unusual. Also a breathing area was left in the tape. This is another strange element to this case. It was an act of ‘kindness’ within the act of cruelty.

What’s the purpose? What is the perpetrator thinking of when he/she did this? Perhaps they thought they had to silence the cat so they could make a clean getaway after dumping her.

Or perhaps the person who dumped the cat was being a rather poor good Samaritan and had found the cat with her head covered in tape. He or she felt frightened that if they took the cat, in that state, to a rescue center they’d be blamed for it. And they were too scared to removed the tape so decided to abandon her. I am speculating again.

The lady who found the cat, Nicole Paling (who runs Every Life Matters Cat Rescue) called her boyfriend, Brett Norton, who spent almost 10 minutes removing the tape. He was concerned that he might cut the cat. He did a great job.

Staff at the clinic examined their security cameras and noticed that a cat had pulled into the parking lot and stayed for five minutes, long enough to dump the cat.

The police are investigating. It took place in Ontario, Canada.


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4 thoughts on “Cat in box dumped in parking lot with duct tape all over her head”

  1. The distress in Nicole’s voice really demonstrates how traumatising rescue work can be.

    This is every day trauma for many rescuers, horrific, and that is before we even consider the horrific experience of the poor cat they rescued.

  2. No ‘kindness’ of any kind present there, just deliberate, malignant intent. Another foul act by yet another 100% screwed up, angry, violent, terminally damaged human being.

    We are a very damaged, non-evolving species.

  3. Duct taping a cat’s head and then abandoning the animal is unbearably sad. This poor cat must have been in pain and terrified. Cruelty and animal abuse seems to be escalating everywhere. I am glad the precious kitty was found and rescued.😨😭😠


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