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Cat in ‘Cats the Movie’ the size of a butter knife is NOT a blunder

There’s a lot of chatter about the new ‘Cats’ movie (based on the theatrical show) and plenty of criticism. One criticism is that in one scene there is a cat holding a butter knife and the cat is the same size as the knife. This has been described as a blunder by critics.

Butter knife scene cat compared to tiny real cat

I’m going to argue that it is not a great blunder because butter knives are about 8 inches long and sometimes very small cats are born, one of which was, at the time, described as the world’s smallest cat. ‘Bitsy’ weighed about 1.5 pounds and was 6 inches long. At the time he was a year old. I wrote about this cat many years ago and if you click on this link you can see what I have said.

The smallest, normal cat in the world is probably the rusty-spotted cat, a diminutive wild cat. This cat is about 14 inches in length, which is almost twice the length of a butter knife but not grossly out of proportion as suggested by the critics of the Cats movie.

The butter knife scene might have been a mistake in the way the CGI was carried out in this movie but there’s no reason why one cat as depicted in the movie cannot be a very small cat. I would argue, therefore, that the criticism is too harsh.

In my view the trailer to the movie indicates that it’ll be a great film and a massive success. Yes, it does looks rather strange and ‘other-worldly’ which is exactly the way it should be because these are cats behaving like humans. That of itself is strange and other-worldly.


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Michael Broad

Hi, I am 70-years-of-age at 2019. For 14 years before I retired at 57, I worked as a solicitor in general law specialising in family law. Before that I worked in a number of different jobs including professional photography. I have a longstanding girlfriend, Michelle. We like to walk in Richmond Park which is near my home because I love nature and the landscape (as well as cats and all animals).

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