Cat in Love with Teddy Bear is Actually a Young Cat Breastfeeding

The Daily Mail reporter has got this completely wrong. The video shows a young cat apparently French kissing his cuddly toy. No. Sorry. The cat believes he is breastfeeding and kneading to stimulate milk flow and it has nothing to do with love or kissing as stated. This is typical of online newspaper reporters. The cat was early weaned and has adopted a teddy bear as a surrogate mother. This is sad really and the video is not something that should be peddled around the internet to amuse people.

The video was uploaded by East Surrey Cats Protection onto the FB page.

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3 thoughts on “Cat in Love with Teddy Bear is Actually a Young Cat Breastfeeding”

  1. Oh, for the love of heaven!!!! I think its way past time for reporters to go back to school and study how to BE actual honest to gosh, fact-finding, truth-reporting REPORTERS!! Kind of like Ernie Pyle and Walter Cronkite. Most “reporters” nowadays only look for something they can twist around so they can make money. That’s a big reason I don’t get the newspapers. magazines or any other “news”. I get better reporting from the rabbits, hawks, owls and bobcats that live in my neighborhood!!!


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