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Cat in Southern China survived ten story fall but left paralyzed — 5 Comments

    • This is what caught my eye. It gives me hope that attitudes are slowly changing for the better in China. There is still a lot of cat meat but there are active animal rights advocates in China nowadays who hijack trucks laden with cats for the meat market. This has happened a few times. Good to see. A gradual enlightenment, let’s say.

      • From what I’ve read on-line, the poor cat was stepped on before being thrown off the 9th floor of the building 🙁

        The good news is that lots of people in China do care about animals and one anonymous lady donated £1,100 towards the cost of surgery for Hei Hudie. Apparently this little cat has touched the hearts of many and they are already hopeful of finding a loving home for her in the not too distant future.

        • God, I didn’t for a minute think that the cat was thrown off the 9th floor. Horrendous. But as you say it is not all bad. There are some genuinely decent cat lovers in the China. There needs to be more. Thanks for researching that info.

          • I was originally looking to discover who was the “loving” owner that had spent thousands on surgery, when I came across the horrible truth 🙁

            So often we hear that Chinese people have a callous attitude towards animals. It’s heartwarming to know that someone cared enough to take her to the vets and so many people have donated money towards the bills.

            China has long been closed to Western media, so perhaps there are many more animal supporters than we’d been aware of. Things are changing though. Youtube is one medium where many Asian people proudly share clips of their beloved cats.

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