Cat in the UK brings home a pet hamster. Is anyone missing a pet hamster?

After a cat living in a Cardiff, UK neighborhood brought home a pet hamster, everyone is asking the big question: is anyone missing a pet hamster?

photo courtesy RSPCA
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Animal rescuers are searching for the owner after RSPCA personnel were sent to a Grangetown home after the cat’s owner called to report the family cat hand brought home a fluffy white hamster.

Inspector Gemma Black with the RSPCA said in an interview with news media

“We’d love to find the owner of this white fluffy hamster, with a gray face.It seems very possible this hamster escaped from a nearby property in the Grangetown area and was then caught by the cat.”

Thankfully, the hamster wasn’t injured and the owner was able to rescue the hamster. The RSPCA is caring for the hamster as the search continues for the owner.

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2 thoughts on “Cat in the UK brings home a pet hamster. Is anyone missing a pet hamster?”

    1. No doubt it will die from puncture wounds made by the cat and the enormous variety of deadly bacteria in a cat’s mouth–the way that 99% of all wildlife die after being caught by a cat, but then released by the ignorant feel-good cat’s owner. “Run/fly free little one! I’m so happy! I saved you from my cat!” No, they didn’t save its life. Nearly every last animal caught by a cat will die a horrible lingering death many days and weeks later. That’s reality, contrary to the rose colored glasses thinking of ignorant and self-deceiving cat owners.

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