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by Michael
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Some people administer cat insulin shots. I am no vet but I do have a biology qualification and as far as I am aware the pancreas and the liver work hand in hand to keep a cat’s blood sugar level in balance. The pancreas produces small amounts of insulin responding to rising glucose levels to stop the glucose level becoming too high in the blood. Insulin ensures that glucose (blood sugar) can get inside cells and be used for energy removing it from the blood. If it remains in the blood it can cause complications. The pancreas also produces another hormone, glucagon, which acts on the liver causing the liver to release glucose and causing it to produce larger amounts of glucose from amino acids.

The pancreas and liver work together to maintain a cat’s blood sugar levels at a correct level. It has been argued that dry cat food, containing high levels of carbohydrate stresses the pancreas causing some cats to develop diabetes. The liver’s activity also becomes abnormal, it has been suggested. It fails to respond. The cat’s body is no longer able to maintain correct blood sugar levels. As a result cat insulin shots are given to maintain levels.

This is a good reason, it is further argued why cats should not be on a uniquely dry food diet. Quality wet food contains less carbohydrates as carbohydrates are not needed in the manufacturing process of wet cat food as they are in the production of “kibble”.

A company that produces natural remedies, PetAlive, suggest that one of their products, GlucoBalance™, can assist in maintaining a glucose balance with all the benefits that brings, which may assist in avoiding cat insulin shots – you’ll have to find out yourself as I haven’t tried this product (yet). This is the product:

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Feb 13, 2011 Update
by: Michael

Bob has cared for a diabetic cat and given insulin shots on his own:

Cat Diabetes Treatment

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