Cat interrupts Dean of Canterbury’s virtual service at the Cathedral

Dean of Canterbury with his cat Tiger
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Dean of Canterbury with his cat Tiger. Photo: Canterbury Cathedral

This is another example of how a domestic cat can actually improve a person’s presentation on either television or in this case on video. The Dean of Canterbury, Dr Robert Willis, was leading a virtual service at Canterbury Cathedral when his tabby cat, Tiger, decided to join in and use his paw to extricate some milk from a jar on the table next to the Dean. It is very charming. The Dean apologises for acquiring a friend during the service. I don’t think that he needed to. As I said, it is very charming the way it is.

Just a quick note to say that sometimes videos which are embedded on this website disappear because the source video is removed administrators. I don’t have control over this. If this video has disappeared I apologise. The still image gives an indication of what it is like.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Too funny I’ve seen other video’s with this cat and it’s funny. Once he was fooling around under the mans frock. He has no idea it’s why I watch his video’s just to see his cat.

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