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Cat is rescued in Cairo, Egypt and lost in Northern Ireland — 2 Comments

  1. It is a rough old do for cats in any part of Ireland, north or south. They are often targeted or just neglected & hated.

    Today on the beach, I got talking with an older couple with an elderly GSD, she was ten, riddled with bad arthritis, they ‘rescued’ her from Spain a couple of years ago, she had bad arthritis even then. It was very warm today, this poor old dog was lying down in a sand puddle of sea water to cool down (very thick coat) and I would guess get some cooling relief for her pain.

    I could not help wondering how she coped with the overland drive, then ferry to the UK. The heat, the hell of long journeys, the pain.

    The beach is full of dogs, some stray, adopt and rescue locally!

    ….said the woman who once stayed an extra 4 weeks in Greece to rehome a stray Mummy cat and 3 x 8 week old kittens with someone who would really care for them properly. More than once I attempted to arrange travel back here, when it seemed hopeless. I am glad I didn’t achieve that as in theory, that would have left 4 possible homes for cats in need in the UK.

  2. I to have mixed feelings about such distant transports at such great expense. All that money could help so many local cats. However, I’m glad the cats found a new home. I am praying that the kitty is found safe. 😢

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