Cat is royalty, carried high about his servants – humans (video)

“I am here. Worship me humans….”

Cat royalty on a 'sedan chair'
Cat royalty on a ‘sedan chair’
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This cat is royalty, carried high about his servants – humans! A human who thinks that he owns this ‘royal cat’ is the number one servant as he carries him to his maximum height in a feline version of a sedan chair. It looks like the location is a cat show. We can see stalls in the background. I’m not sure. Whatever, this is unusual sight.

Please don’t forget to turn on the sound – click the sound icon, bottom-right of the video.

The cat is owned by a man who runs the CATMANTOO Facebook page. I think the cat’s name is Didga: a tabby-and-white. He/she is clearly a very calm, confident cat befitting of royalty 😉

2 thoughts on “Cat is royalty, carried high about his servants – humans (video)”

  1. Such sweet memories this brings. Kitten would come and fetch one of her humans to hold her up like that so she could swat a moth on the ceiling. This is trust you’re looking at and it’s beautiful.

  2. Her actual name is the that of the aboriginal instrument, which I can never remember how to spell.

    Edit: research spells it as didgeridoo, however I know I’ve seen other spellings.

    Didja is a shelter cat, ten years old, that he trained. He also has a Bengal named Boomerang aka Boomer. He does not suggests that the average person own hybrids and actively discourages it. I applaud him for that.

    I think his events and training show that people need to interact with their pets more on a physical level, though not necessarily to the level he employs.

    I know this: Didja wouldn’t perform those tricks if she didn’t feel the love.


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