Cat Joke

Cat JokeA husband hated his wife’s cat. He resolved to get rid off the cat. He placed the cat into his car, drove about 20 blocks away and released the cat. He drove back home and saw his wife’s cat on the drive!

He tried again. This time he abandoned the cat 40 blocks from his home. He drove home satisfied that he had successfully completed the dirty deed. As he approached his house, once again he saw his wife’s cat on the driveway. “What the heck”, he mussed.

There was only one thing to do: go further and use a complicated route with plenty of twists and turns, bridges to cross and side streets to zip down.

He used a suitably tortuously, complicated route confident that this time the cat would stay abandoned and never come home. He’d believed he’d never see that damned cat again.

Hours later he phoned his wife:

“Honey, is the cat there?”

Wife: “Yes”.

Husband: “put him on the phone, I’m lost!”

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