Cat jumps over invisible hurdle which is in her head

Cat jumps over invisible hurdle which is in her head

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This sweet cat who looks like an old-style flame point Siamese is nervous of going through the door to the outside. This must be because she rarely does it or something happened at that exact spot which makes her nervous of it.

If the reason is the former, her behaviour could be because she perceives the door frame as a barrier/hurdle because she perceives the outside as a potentially hostile place. She has a mental hurdle to navigate in order to go outside and has converted that emotional state to a physical one so she jumps over it.

Sometimes cats in this situation (indoor cats) don’t go through an open door because it leads to something with which they are unfamiliar and therefore potentially dangerous. There is no physical barrier but the mental barrier is just as effective. But if you give a cat enough chances to walk through the open door he/she’ll do it eventually because her curiosity will overcome her fear.

The alternative reason is that something happened at the door frame which makes her nervous of it and so she avoids it by jumping over it.

Cats have many emotional states and feelings.

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3 thoughts on “Cat jumps over invisible hurdle which is in her head”

  1. Yeah, I think she’s putting 2 & 2 together, which equals a leap just in case, to be safe. She’s been so certain that the bottom of the door has always been there, and that the window of the door has fooled her before that reality is a relative thing to her in the sense of that whole crazy door thing. Very interesting.


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