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Cat junk food prevents cats assessing its energy density — 1 Comment

  1. My 6 cats are fed twice daily. They each have their own bowls and most have their own rooms so they can eat in peace. I have 1 male who has chronic Urinary problems. He has been fed a special diet for 8 years. He is now 9. 2 of the cats eat in the same room as they are on the same diet. One cat has a tendency to IBD and pancreatitis. She is has her own room and a lamb and rice diet. Another cat is also on the lamb and rise diet, but prefers to eat in her room. The last cat also eats a lamb and rice diet and has the rest of the house, as I ran out of rooms. Each is fed 1/8 can wet and not quite 1/4 cup of dry. They have less dry in the summer due to the heat. They have maintained their weight correct weight for several years. They get 2 treats at each meal.I have used this way of feeding for a long time and find it’s the most beneficial for the Clowder. No fights or quarrels at mealtimes and they can take their own time when eating without looking out for one who wants their meal.

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