Cat kicking craze spreads to Montenegro via USA and UK

It is depressing to see how idiotic and ignorant some (many?) youths are on this planet. It is young men who are participating in the ‘cat kicking craze’. If it is a craze. It is more copycat crime. There is no doubt that these are crimes. The ignoramouses who are kicking cats don’t see it that way. They find it amusing. How grossly insensitive and ignorant can these young men be?

Montenegro cat kicking
Montenegro cat kicking
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PoC has reported on this so called craze before, both the USA example followed by the one in the UK.

They are very similar. A young man entices the outdoor cat over by pretending that he will pet the cat. The pretence is that the person is friendly. The cat responds. When within range the man kicks the cat hard. The cat goes flying incurring possible injuries. They may be serious injuries. We don’t know.

The whole episode is filmed by an accomplice, who is also guilty of the same animal abuse crime.

Internet videos have influence. They are there to be viewed by billions of people and amongst those billions there will always be one uneducated moron who is influenced sufficiently to copy the crime.

This video may be too hard to watch for some, so don’t watch it.

It is very sad that certain sections of the human race is so debased and lost that they can be encouraged to copy abusing a domestic cat by watching a video, and to enjoy it. There is not even the vestige of morality in this act. Amusing oneself by vicously abusing an innocent domestic animal is one of the more base aspects of human behavior.

Responsibility also rests with the large online websites such as Facebook and YouTube which allow these videos to be posted and then leave them online to influence the weak minded.

The truth is that these companies don’t have the ability to monitor all the videos uploaded to their sites. They are effectively out of control and therefore potentially dangerous places to visit.

This cat kicking is believed to have occurred in Montenegro which is in Eastern Europe on the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea to Italy. As I recall, Montenegro has an animal cruelty problem. They have weak animal protection laws, poorly enforced.

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