Cat Kicking Creep Arrested After Video Goes Viral

This is the type of story that will make your blood boil. It took place on May 2, and the story made the NY Daily News on May 5. It tells of a cat kicking creep who was arrested after a video went viral on Facebook.

Andre Robinson, 21, decided he wanted instant fame, while at the same time practicing his NFL kicking ability. He was outside his home in Brooklyn at 1831 Fulton St., a building in the Brevoort Houses, where he lives, when he coaxed a beautiful black and white cat to him by holding out his hand like he wanted to make friends with the kitty. The cat had been hanging around the apartment complex for months, and had become quite tame. Robinson waited til the cat was close, then gave it a vicious kick that sent it flying 10 feet into the air and into a bush 20 feet away.

Then the creep posted a video made by his friends showing the abuse to Facebook, where Robinson is seen jumping up and down like he made a winning NFL kick. While he did a victory dance, his friends were laughing, obviously quite happy their friend had such a great kicking ability. Robinson could be seen making a wide, toothy grin while he jumped around doing a victory dance while holding what appeared to be a cigarette or joint in his left hand.

The video was posted to Facebook, where animal advocates soon demanded justice for the injured kitty. It didn’t take long for Robinson to be identified once local police got ahold of the Facebook link showing the abuse. Those seeing the online video were able to identify the area by the scaffolding in the background. As it turns out, Robinson has eight prior arrests, so he was someone the police were very familiar with. One arrest in 2011 was a knife point robbery. Another was for jumping a turnstile. There were six records that were sealed, most likely occuring before Robinson reached legal age. No telling what kind of trouble he got in that will remain sealed in those files.

Now get this everyone-Mary Kirby, Robinson’s mother, is defending her son, saying he had to be high on something. That he loves animals and would never hurt an animal. Lady, excuse me, but a 21-year-old man with eight prior arrests is not someone who deserves defending, even if he is your son. Admit he’s well on his way to being a hardened criminal, but for God’s sake, don’t insult the intelligence of those who have read about his cruelty by saying this was some mistake or accident.

Comments on the NY Times page summed it up perfectly saying “This guy will end up in prison because those who lack empathy of animals eventually set their sights on humans. Its just a matter of time!” My favorite comment is “And I wouldn’t embarrass the human race by calling this thing a “man”. A real man doesn’t cause harm to the helpless and innocent – a real man protects them.”

The cat hasn’t been found. A veterinarian who watched the video said the cat likely suffered serious injuries. Robinson was arrested by officer’s with the 81st Precinct, and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

This is one of the few cases I’ve covered recently where the address of the abuser is given out in the article. Animal advocates in the Brooklyn area aren’t likely to forget this monster’s name, where he lives, or what he’s done. May karma pay him back tenfold for what he’s done. An monster like this doesn’t deserve to live among the civilized public. Personally, I hope those who live nearby who are striving to protect animals make his life a living hell.


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31 thoughts on “Cat Kicking Creep Arrested After Video Goes Viral”

  1. While he was arrested on charges of aggravated animal cruelty- he was released without bail. AIN’T that just typical? Just makes me so angry.. it’s a disgrace.

  2. Yea we know what kind of “upstanding citizen” you are you worthless THUG piece of shit taking up space. Don’t bend over to pick up the soap is all I can say! Here’s a screenshot from his facebook page here


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