Cat Killer Gaming App

This is an ill-conceived, disgusting concept for a gaming app which entails the gruesome killing of domestic cats. It should not be made.

Cat death by blender from gaming app
Cat death by blender from gaming app
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The idea for this grisly gaming app for mobile devices is the brainchild of Fred Mastropasqua. He presents the fundraising appeal in the video below. I have taken the extreme liberty of videoing it on a Flip camcorder from my commuter, which is why the quality is poor but the message is loud and clear nonetheless – the game should not get off the drawing board.

In the video, he says:

“So you can enjoy the funny, gruesome death scenes as much as I do. There is death by blender, knife, chainsaw, microwave and a lot more….For the record I do love cats!”

The fundraising appeal is on Kickstarter. People who fund the creation of the application can choose alternative ways for the cat to die – nice, isn’t it? There is a petition against it.

The whole concept is totally misconceived and immoral. It is not ‘fun’ as he states. Although for some people it will be fun but these sorts of people are probably already abusing and killing cats in real life or they wish they were. At the least they are going to members of the cat hating fraternity, I guess.

What is astonishing is that Mastropasqua has the audacity to say in the video that he loves cats. B*llsh*t.

The petitioner is asking people to make a complaint under the Kickstarter community guidelines and to sign the petition.

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