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  1. But I bet none of you would sign a petition against a game if you had to direct a cat around to skin-alive and disembowel-alive countless thousands of other animals. Admit it, you wouldn’t. I know you wouldn’t. Everyone knows you wouldn’t That’s why everyone sees you as pure hypocrites. You wouldn’t even warn anyone against its existence. You’d buy it and play it in private, gleefully laughing about how many animals you can torture-to-death with your cats — just like you already do in real-life with your real cats. Then for bonus points you could add-up how many fish, cattle, and chickens that you get to slaughter for cat-food to give your cats more “strength points”. Wouldn’t it be fun! It already is, isn’t it.

    • You do realise that the pet food industry is a sideline for manufacturers of human foods? They make use of the bits us humans won’t eat by turning them into petfood.

      • Yes, that tidbit of information was added to entertain all the vegan cat-owners who don’t think they are providing a reason for killing any animals with their “no kill” choices in life. 🙂

      • A clever thought Michele. I like that. And true. All the inedible raw stuff deemed poisonous to us is processed into cardboard blocks to kill everything and then flavored with jelly and gravy to make it edible to a cat.

    • Actually, Trey, since I’m not a bloodthirsty duplicitous asshole, I wouldn’t buy and play that game, and I would sign a petition against it. I’d love to know the “everyones” who are so cognizant of my hypocrisy though, because if “everyone” is like you, I’d like to keep my distance, thanks.

  2. I’ve also signed the petition. Exploring different ways to kill cats is not my idea of “fun” and I’m sure all animal lovers would feel the same.

    If it were a game where you could be a terrorist exploring new ways to kill, this wouldn’t be allowed any further than the suggestion board. So why should a similar game killing animals be considered acceptable. Anything which normalises violence against others is not a direction we should be taking. There’s already far too much animal cruelty in the real world, without having to encourage people to participate in the virutal world. How long before that novelty wears off and they want to put into practice killing cats in the real world?

  3. I signed the petition and was not nice in what I said there which was—> Joan Martin, ON
    Jan 30, 13:33
    # 10,725
    Fred Mastropasqua … is a sick SOB who is promoting the killing of cats by different ways. This low life bastard has some serious mental issues if you ask me. He likes this so much … maybe someone should try this on him and some of his family members. No one but a depraved. sick, twisted F**K would come up with such a thing!!! This kind of attitude towards killing defenseless animals PISSES ME OFF!!!!

    AND reported it to Kickstarter as well. Below is a copy of what I sent to Kickstarter!!

    The creator of this game is promoting cruelty to animals. It’s sick & disgusting … the concept of this game is vile in what it wants you to do in the game. There are those that exist out there .. who will actually take some of these suggestions and put them to actual use. This person ( Fred Mastropasqua ) obviously has some serious mental issues. There are ENOUGH people out there in today’s society that cause unnecessary harm, injury & death to innocent animals. This person claims to love cats. Trust me NO ONE who loves cats would come up with his idea. Do you really want to associate your companies’ name with this project? “I” for one would never buy this app or would want it as a consumer. I’m shocked that you would even consider it!!! This is the kind of thing that can get a company boycotted and cause nothing but bad press & worse public relations. Please … don’t support or condone this project. It’s so wrong in so many ways. If there are any animal lovers there .. they will see this game as wrong!!! My god … what is this world coming to .. to have this type of thing…exist!!!!

    • Just shared this on my face book page as well!!! Asked others to sign & share. I REALLY, REALLY find this upsetting & disturbing. And now I’m truly PISSED OFF TOO!!!!

  4. Its horrible!!! I saw the petition on FB a few days ago so I’ve signed and shared. Where is peoples Moral conscience for Gods sake??

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