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Cat Killers and Torturers of Britain — 12 Comments

  1. Scenario:

    Someone raises pet-pythons. They let them roam in their backyard — because, after-all, this is what they do, it is their nature to do this, to be healthy and happy pythons they must be allowed to roam free and climb all over everything. They roam in your backyards too. You have no legal recourse to have them removed. The person raising them does nothing to contain them no matter how much you try to reason with them. They ALWAYS have some excuse.

    How many pet-pythons must you find in your yard before you start to chop off the head of each one you find?

    Catching-on yet?

    • Are you catching on Woody? You are equating pythons with domestic cats. Not quite the same animal in terms of impact on humans in suburbia and the law supports that. I think you need to start using the bit of brain left in your head.

    • HeyMORONS: Try subtituting teenage hooligan for “pet python” and you end up with a very similiar scenario. Except you do have some legal redress, but the culprit gets a warning or caution not to do it again – which of course they do multiple times.

      Just using your sense or warped logic 🙂

  2. Every country and society has its share of citizens who hate animals and some go to extreme lengths to kill them.In first World Country’s most animal hate crimes are reported and the public aware.Poisoning of stray dogs was quite frequently in the news in my home city of Mumbai.Recently there was a case where the driver of a car ran over a building cat without waiting to attend to the dying animal.Animal cruelty is not a peculiarity to Britain and exists all over the World.Its a sad accepted fact of life and living.

  3. I’ve pretty much always been a firm believer that what you do to an innocent animal .. you’d have no trouble doing to people. I “think” that if someone does what ever horrid thing they can imagine on a helpless animal … that in turn should be done to you!!!!!! Just so the individual can get a taste of what they dished out to see if they think it’s fun to have it done to them. Anyone .. I don’t care how old, their sex, race, creed, color or religion … that does NOT matter. If they plan on being a sick, evil freak …. you should have the same thing done to you!!! Fair is fair

  4. Every society has a number of individuals who are cruel to animals or other people, so I’m not sure why you think we may be “importing too many criminals through open EU borders?” You may not have intended it to, but that comment smacks a little of racism to me.

    The RSPCA was established in 1824 and is the world’s oldest animal welfare society. That wouldn’t have been necessary if Britain were a nation of only animals lovers.

    I shudder to think what may have become of those missing cats and my heart goes out to their owners as I’m sure they must be imagining all kinds of nightmare scenarios. Missing cats don’t make headline news until a large number go missing in one area, so perhaps many people didn’t hear about it until it was too late to take precautions to keep their cats safe.

    I just hope they catch the individual(s) sooner rather than later and that they actually get a decent prison sentence rather than the customary smack on the wrist.

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