Cat Lady

Cat Lady

by Donna
(Newberg Or)

I currently have 6 feral cats of all ages. I have been taking care of them for years. Every summer I catch the babies and find them good homes. This year I have managed to catch all but one to be spayed.

They didn’t ask to be homeless, so I take care of them and love them. Even though they are wild they give you love and joy, and they are so grateful to have food and a nice place to sleep.

They have their little home on my porch and greet me every morning when I go out to feed them.

Truly A Cat Lover


Hi Donna… You are one of the unsung heroines of the cat world. Helping feral cats year in year out. In Britain we have the New Year honours when the Queen bestows awards on people. It is usually the politicians and business people who get them. I would give you one, “For services to our cat companions…”

There are many visitors to this site like you. We love people like you.

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Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

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Cat Lady

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Jan 31, 2010 Cat ladies
by: Babz/Barbara

Donna,you are an earth angel caring for those cats, and so is (the other) Barbara. Well done Cat Ladies.

Barbara avatar

Jan 30, 2010 Thanks for people like us
by: Barbara

Your story is so touching. I just started doing the same thing as you taking care of ferals. It is so nice to see them every morning when you go out to give them food. It seems like they know you will be there to feed them. We are there for them. Keep up the good work and I will too.

Jan 04, 2010 Good work Donna
by: Ruth

You have my admiration too for the wonderful job you do. Yes you are truly a cat lover !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 04, 2010 Feral Cat Angel
by: Jan Plant

How wonderful that you have such a kind and loving heart to care for these poor cats.And you are absolutely correct! They never asked to be homeless.Your colony is very lucky to have a true Angel to watch over them.

Jan 04, 2010 Wonderful!
by: Maggie Sharp

What a lovely thing to do! People are always abandoning cats, especially at this time of year-after Christmas. It’s always heart braking to see feral cats, and here in Australia we’ve got a real feral cat problem. So many people hate cats. But, like you said, they don’t ask to be homeless… If only everyone saw it the way you do, the world would be a great place for cats…

Keep up the good work!!!

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